Ours is where all our favourite things live together and nothing needs to match. The only design rule is that everything in here is connected by the same through line - we like it, it brings us joy and it is part of our story. 

We all have an ‘Ours.’ A private gallery, arranged by us, with our own sense of style, taste and personal touch. A single room or a whole house that exhibits the many phases of our lives. 

Ours is a word that carries meaning and a place that always feels like home. A place where we live, entertain, and where all of us feel most welcome.

Celebrating Ours - our house, our street, our city - was an integral part of the original apartment and gallery at Ours in Fitzroy in Melbourne; an apartment filled with work from local designers, makers, artists and our favourite local coffee, wine and food.

I continue this idea in the work I do from Ours in Art Direction, Design & Styling.

Welcome to Ours, we’d love you to see what we’re doing over here. 

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