interior styling

interior styling

i have been told i have an eye for design and styling a space. i have also been told there is no skill in what i do and i have been lucky to have the money i've had to buy nice things, which make me look like i know what i'm doing. i think the truth lies between those two statements. 

whatever the case, i have styled spaces that have been received relatively well by the local design community and, in some cases, beyond. i think this is a good time to make a distinction between interior design and interior styling, the former of which is creating a space from concept through design, architectural and construction phases to completion and the latter of which is re-dressing and rearranging an already existing space. again, i think what i do falls somewhere between these, unless there are any council people, design or construction governing bodies reading this, in which case i never undertake any hands on renovations, big or small.

having said that, minor cosmetic renovations can be really fun, easy and super necessary when you're taking over a space to make it your own. and if i was to do anything like that i would probably create something like this church window shower screen installed next to a stainless steel peach sink to match the stainless steel toilet.

i might also create a new pattern on the tired old stairs or use a impressive old concrete shower base as a sink on a kitchen island in a grand living area,

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