The Diary Project by Camille Bergerson

The Diary Project by Camille Bergerson


Melbourne based ceramicist and mixed media artist, Camille Bergerson, brings her current fine art collection to Ours. 

The Diary Project is more than it appears at first glance. Choosing clay as the medium to transform inner anxieties and musings into beautifully sculpted porcelain, Camille transforms opposing thoughts into representations as strong and fragile works of art.

"I love working with clay, I find it therapeutic, mesmerising and tactile."

The delicate ceramic forms are white and coloured porcelain. The base vessels are thrown on a pottery wheel before being adorned in layers of colour. Though the patterns may appear random, they are actually stream of consciousness diary entries applied to the vessel rather than paper. 

Each artwork tells a uniquely deep, meaningful and intentionally illegible message; written only once as the words flow naturally. Each piece is therefore one of a kind and irreplicable in both colour and pattern, informed by feel rather than formula.   

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